Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hop Wilson - Blues with Firends At Goldband

Houston blues legend Hop Wilson was born Hardin Wilson on April 27, 1927 in Crockett, Texas. He learned how to play guitar and harmonica as a child. He was nicknamed "Harp" at an early age for his frequent harmonica playing. Over time "Harp" became "Hop." When he was 18 years old, he received his first steel guitar and began playing at local juke joints and nightclubs. Hop served in the US Army during WWII. After his discharge from the Army, he decided to pursue a career as a blues musician, performing with Ivory Lee Semien's group in the late '50s. Wilson and Semien recorded a number of sides for Goldband Records in 1957. Wilson's unique style of slide guitar-playing on an eight-string table steel guitar has been a key influence on a number of blues guitarists, including Johnny Winter and Jimmy Vaughan.
These are the original trio sides with King Ivory Lee Semiens on drums and Ice Water Jones on string bass. Unfortunately, some of the tracks on this vinyl issue have electric bass and/or piano overdubbed to make them stereo recordings.



Anonymous said...

thanks for all your blues lp xyros,
good to see you posting again


BlueSam said...

As always, great and rare treasures :) Thanks for this one man! I love it


Marpulca said...

this is a preciuous gem but . . . . the tracklist ?

i've searchin on the net about the fabulous goldband recordings, about hop wilson, and about eddie shuler (founder of goldband) but nothing about the tracklist of this album.

some help ????

Xyros said...

Hi Marpulca, Glad you liked the lp. I always scan the covers for the tracklisting and include them in the rar file so you can tag them yourself. Just look in the sub-map 1 of the Hop Wilson map after you unrar the files.

Xyros said...
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Marpulca said...

thanks so much, now i see !!!
thanks also for this your labour of love :-)

Anonymous said...

This is sweet indeed! Thanks so much.

john said...

thank you.