Saturday, June 25, 2016

Blues Obscurities Volumes 1 - 10 (New Vinyl Rips)

vol. 1:
vol. 2:
vol. 3:
vol. 4:
vol. 5:

These are new rips at 320kbs from vinyl that is at least VG+ and all with the original inserts except vol. 5.
You might get the occasional pop/click but nothing serious. The sound quality and mastering of the LP's ranges from OK to bloody awful with vol. 10 been the worst of the lot. DIY covers from Skinnymom as the original white covers are boring.
You don't need these as everything is available in far better quality spread over a 100 cd's.
Track listing can be found at Stefan's site.

Champion Jack Dupree - Women Blues

A1 Ain't That A Shame 4:25
A2 Talk To Me Baby 4:20
A3 Tell Me When 2:25
A4 Old Woman Blues 4:20
A5 Hard Feelings Blues 4:05
A6 Bus Station Blues 2:50
B1 Rattlesnake Boogie 3:10
B2 Black Wolf Blues 3:05
B3 Jail House 4:10
B4 Come Back Baby 3:35
B5 On My Way To Moe Asch 4:35


Lee Allen - Down On Bourbon Street

A1 Promenade
A2 Walkin' With Mr. Lee
A3 Tic Toc
A4 Bee Hive
A5 Chuggin'
A6 Big Horn Special
A7 Jim Jam
A8 Strollin' With Mister Lee
B1 Teen Dream
B2 Boppin' At The Hop
B3 Lee's Blues
B4 Hot Rod Special
B5 Ivy League
B6 Short Circuit Funky
B7 Creole Alley
B8 Cat Walk


Johnny Mars - Life On Mars

Born Under A Bad Sign 3:30
Don't Start Me Talking 3:00
Back Door Man 4:14
Steal Away 5:00
Standing In Line 3:32
Hot Lips Boogie 3:00
I Can't Take A Jealous Woman 3:32
Get On Up 3:01
Desert Island 5:44
Keep On Swinging 5:46


Champion Jack Dupree - And His Blues Band

Barrelhouse Woman
One Dirty Woman
When Things Go Wrong
Cut Down On My Overheads
Under Your Hood
Come Back Baby
Baby Let Me Lay It On You
Garbage Man
I Feel Like A Millionaire
Right Now
Shake, Baby, Shake

This is an old rip and the LP wasn't that great to start with so be warned.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.


5th of February: Gerard Herzhaft -Willie Walker - Same on Haute 1108 (CD)

5th of February: Tom Thumb -Someone out there owning those old Negro Art / Highway 51 LPs?
I'm looking for
Big Son Tillis: Dayton Stomp/My baby WroteMe (Negro Art 368)
Jesse James:Forgive Me Blues/ Corinna's Boogie (Highway 51 # 101).
I wouldn't mind both of these either.

9th of February: Jeff Harris - Memphis Sessions 1956—1961 on Wolf

30th March: Justine -  Chess Blues vol. 1-5, LP series from 80's

10th of April: Kurt Kricz,
Southern Comfort Country - Flyright 501
Tarheel Stomp - Flyright LP 511
And on some other labels:
The Blues - vol. 4 - big bear
Piano Blues Legends - jsp 1056
Old Country Blues (Flyright LP 537)

11th April: Paul James Broussard:
little joe blue on p-vine label with 4 bonus tracks - japan
t black and the zydeco machine - funky trailride lp

15th April: Abe - Magic Slim & The Teardrops - The Zoo Bar Collection Vol 1
Thanks BDad for the link to

17th April; Billy Boy - Billy Boy Arnold -  side of cool 45 "I ain't got no money ?
Has this ever been re-released??

22nd April: Gerard Herzhaft -Joe Liggins' title Ham-bone boogie (Exclusive 151X). Very hard to hear rare instrumental.

1st May: Pablovski - VA -Is Blues As Big As Texas ( Home cooking)

7th June: Jeff Peters - Mel Brown LP's: "Big Foot Country Girl" and "Eighteen Pounds Of Unclean Chitlins And Other Grey Blues Specialties"?
Big thanks go to BluesDude for sharing.

10th June: KingCake - Various-Double-Dealing-Blues-Chess-Blues-Archives-Vol2-Texas-West-Coast- PLP 6064 or CH(j) 6064

12th June: Dr. Hepcat - Clifton Chenier - Zodico Blues & Boogie (Ace cd)
Thank you Dodoking for sharing this version of the CD.

12th June: John - The Gospel Train Is Coming - West Coast Gospel P-Vine CD 5826

15th June: Dr. Hepcat - Graham Hine - Bottleneck blues on Blue Goose
Percy Mayfield-For Collectors Only-Specialty 7000 (lp)

23rd June: VelvetChutzpah -Ike Turner CDs:
I Like Ike! The Best of Ike Turner - Rhino
King Cobra: The Chicago Sessions - FUEL 2000 (I already own these 1958-1959 sessions from an older release but I'd love to get an upgrade in sound)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Maurice John Vaughn - Generic Blues

A1 I Done Told Ya! 4:55
A2 Garbage Man Blues 5:20
A3 Girl Don't Live Here 4:30
A4 Generic Blues 5:40
B1 I Got Money 7:20
B2 Computer Took My Job 6:15
B3 Keep On Sleeping 6:10
B4 Without That Bread 3:30

Thanks go to KansasJoe for sharing.

Big Joe Turner - Boss Man Of The Blues

A1 Flip, Flop And Fly 5:20
A2 Twenty-Nine Ways (To Get To My Baby's Door) 6:30
A3 I've Been Up On The Mountain 4:10
B1 Big Joe's Lonesome Blues 4:06
B2 Can't Read, Can't Write Blues 4:25
B3 Matchbox Blues 6:40
B4 Honey Hush 2:25

Autographed back cover.

Anthology Of The Blues Vol. 1 - 12

Recordings originally made for the Bihari brothers' Modern label in the 1940s and 1950s were subject to several reissue campaigns throughout the following decades. Kent Records, established by the Biharis after Modern had gone bankrupt, was the most qualified company to take on this task, especially in contrast to the efforts of more cut-rate outfits such as United Superior and Crown. 
So here you have all 12 volumes of 'The Anthology Of The Blues" series originally released in 1969/70 on Kent.... though some of the LP's used are on the United or Musidisc labels.

Legend of Elmore James:
Memphis Blues:
California Blues:
Blues From The Deep South:
Texas Blues:
Detroit Blues:
(correct link for Detroit)
Arkansas Blues:
Lightnin' Hopkins:
Mississippi Blues:
Resurection Of Elmore James:
B.B. King:
West Coast Blues:

Re-post request.
Here is a link to Stefan Wirz's excellent site  for all the track lists:

Friday, June 17, 2016

Various - At Peppers Lounge Chicago vol. 2

Live tracks record in the 60's at Peppers Lounge. Excellent sound recordings from Little Walter, Earl Hooker, Eddie Taylor and more.
Now to find vol. 1

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