Saturday, January 21, 2017

Willie Cobbs - Mr. C's Blues In The Groove!

A1 Inflation Blues
A2 Don't Say Goodbye
A3 Mistreated Blues
A4 My Little Girl
A5 You Know I Love You
A6 You Don't Love Me
A7 Worst Feeling (I Ever Had)
A8 Why Did You Change Your Mind
B1 Please Send Me Someone To Love
B2 Good Feeling
B3 Hey Little Girl
B4 C.C. Rider
B5 I'll Love You Only
B6 Don't Worry About Me
B7 Eating Dry Onion
B8 Inflation Blues Part 2 (Instrumental)


Carey & Lurrie Bell - Son Of A Gun

Ballbuster 3:13
Better Break It Up 3:46
I'm A Fool 3:50
I'll Be Your .44 3:49
Kick Me In The Pants 2:36
Rollin' And Tumblin' 3:10
Worried Heartache Blues 6:34
Highway Is My Life 3:34
My Baby 2:17
If The Ocean Was Whiskey 3:33
I've Got To Leave Chi-Town 2:45
Gate Bait 2:30

Jackie Ross & Little Milton - In Perspective

A1 –Jackie Ross I Like Your Loving
A2 –Jackie Ross Patching Up Your Wound
A3 –Jackie Ross Street Girl
A4 –Jackie Ross I'm In Love With You
B1 –Jackie Ross I Need You Baby
B2 –Jackie Ross We're Gonna Make It
B3 –Jackie Ross One Hand Wash The Other
B4 –Jackie Ross Let Me Down Easy
C1 –Little Milton Ain't No Fun To Me
C2 –Little Milton Teach Me
C3 –Little Milton I'm Back / And This Time To Stay
C4 –Little Milton No Matter Where You Go
D1 –Little Milton Love Master
D2 –Little Milton Nothing Beats A Failure
D3 –Little Milton The Cost Of Living
D4 –Little Milton I Think I'm Losing You

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Luke Jones & Red Mack - West Coast R&B 1947 - 1952

A1 –Luke Jones (3) Jump The Boogie
A2 –Luke Jones (3) Feelin' Low Down
A3 –Luke Jones (3) Four Or Five Times
A4 –Luke Jones (3) Graveyard Blues
A5 –Luke Jones (3) Shufflin' Boogie
A6 –Luke Jones (3) Worryin' Anyhow Blues
A7 –Luke Jones (3) Disc Jockey Blues
A8 –Luke Jones (3) What You Bet
B1 –Red Mack If You Love Me Baby
B2 –Red Mack Black Man's Blues
B3 –Red Mack Mr Big Head
B4 –Red Mack Just Like Two Drops Of Water
B5 –Luke Jones (3) Midnight Blues
B6 –Luke Jones (3) Ditch Diggin' Daddy
B7 –Luke Jones (3) I Love You Love Me Too
B8 –Luke Jones (3) She's My Baby

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Roy C - That Shotgun Wedding Man

A1 Mama Blow Your Top
A2 It's Getting Cold
A3 Twistin' Pneumonia
A4 Just Like The Bluebird
A5 Little Young Girl
A6 Crazy Feeling
B1 There Goes That Train
B2 Crazy Love
B3 Tear Avenue
B4 Last Opportunity
B5 Train Man
B6 Bad Habits