Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Alexander "Mudcat" Thomas - Backwoods Blues

A1 Mudcat's Blues
A2 My Blue Heaven
A3 Sugar Bee
A4 Tennessee Waltz
A5 Steel Guitar Rag
A6 When The Saints Go Marching In
B1 Tell Me What's On Your Mind
B2 Raunchy
B3 Worrisome Blues
B4 The Story Of Boot Juice
B5 Backdoor Man (Tell Me Mama)
B6 Weepin' Willow Lane
B7 Step It Up And Go

Just gave this LP a listen for the first time in a couple of years and liked it.  As the link is dead you can call this a request for myself.
This a mono recording Smash MGS 27046, it has some ticks on a couple of tracks but no big problem.


Forrest Cty Joe/Rocky Fuller - Memory Of Sonny Boy

A1 –Forrest City Joe* Special Delivery Man 2:50
A2 –Forrest City Joe* Shady Lane Woman 2:55
A3 –Forrest City Joe* A Woman On Every Street 2:48
A4 –Forrest City Joe* Sawdust Bottom 2:57
A5 –Forrest City Joe* Ash Street Boogie 2:51
A6 –Forrest City Joe* Mean Mistreatin' Woman 2:49
A7 –Forrest City Joe* Lonesome Day Blues 2:52
A8 –Forrest City Joe* Memory Of Sonny Boy 2:47
B1 –Rocky Fuller Soon One Morning 2:51
B2 –Rocky Fuller Rock Me Baby (Come On Baby, Now) 2:40
B3 –Rocky Fuller Under A Neon Sign 2:37
B4 –Rocky Fuller Catch Me A Freight Train 2:38
B5 –Rocky Fuller Looking For The Mail Man 2:47
B6 –Rocky Fuller The Moon Won't Go Down 2:38
B7 –Rocky Fuller Gonna Leave This Town 1:50
B8 –Rocky Fuller Raining And Snowing 2:51


Arthur Crudup - Roebuck Man

A1 I Don't Worry 3:10
A2 Needle Time 3:20
A3 Room And Board 3:06
A4 Blind Man Sees 4:45
A5 Long Curly Mane 3:45
A6 Roebuck Man 4:54
B1 Old And Grey 3:59
B2 Before You Go 3:25
B3 Korrina Korrina 3:20
B4 Boogie In The Morning 2:27
B5 Get You In My Arms 3:37
B6 What Are You Trying To Do? 3:22
B7 Burying Ground 3:25

Robert Pete Williams & Roosevelt Sykes - Blues From The Bottoms

A1 Gonna Stand No Quittin'
A2 Broken-Hearted Man
A3 Salty Woman
A4 Whiskey Head Man
B1 I'm The Sweet Root Man
B2 Spontaneous Conversation
B3 Lord, Help Poor Me
B4 Goodbye Fay And John


Monday, June 19, 2017

Little Joe Blue - Best Of The Blues

A1 Introducing Little Joe Blue 00:44
A2 Dirty Work Going On 2:46
A3 Been Nowhere And Don't Care 2:30
A4 Don't Tax Me In 3:05
A5 Give Me An Hour In Your Garden (Pt. 1) 2:52
A6 Give Me An Hour In Your Garden (Pt. 2) 2:46
B1 Lonesome Feeling 3:20
B2 Wasn't Born Yesterday 2:57
B3 You Got To Come To Me 3:30
B4 Who's The Fool 5:05
B5 We All Have The Blues 4:30


Lucky "Lopez' Evans - Chinaman's Door

A1 Chinaman's Door
A2 (If You Leave Me) I'll Go Crazy
A3 Hard Workin' Woman
B1 Hail To The King
B2 How Blue Can You Get!
B3 Dreamer

KansasJoe post:

Juke Boy Bonner - They Call Me "Juke Boy"

A1 The Best Way To Lose The Blues
A2 A Distant Feel
A3 Nowhere To Run
A4 Don't Ever Get Down
A5 It Don't Take Too Much
A6 Shame Shame Shame
A7 Boone's Farm
B1 What The Blues Has Done For Me
B2 Texas Zydeco
B3 Nothing But A Child
B4 European Tour
B5 Live My Troubles On Down
B6 Loving Arms
B7 Getting' Low Down

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Bumble Bee Slim - Back In Town

Direct South 3:29
Wake Up In The Mornin' 2:43
Driftin' Blues 4:26
Puppy Love 4:57
New B & O Blues 2:39
Midnight Special 2:29
In The Evening 4:18
Meet Me In The Bottom 3:18
Wee Baby Blues 5:46
I'm The One 2:22


Friday, June 2, 2017

Will be back in 2 weeks or so

So 2 weeks of hanging around Greek beaches/tavernes and a couple of walks thru the local nature are behind me. Now all I have to do is loose 2 kg of extra weight I've put on.
Tomorrow it's back to work which is ok with me and today I'll try and repost some of the requests that are still under moderation. Keep an eye out for your requests as I will not post the comments.
Also got to check out all the goodies posted on the various blogs and see what else is going on in the world of Blues.

Repost requests:
West Side Oasis Band 
Rev. Robert Wilkins
J.B. Hutto
Johnny Littlejohn

Jimmy Wilson - Trouble In My House

A1 Every Dog Has His Day
A2 Lemon Squeezer
A3 Ethel Lee
A4 Tell Me
A5 Call Me A Hound Dog
A6 I've Found Out
A7 Trouble In My House
A8 Jumpin' From Six To Six
B1 Oh Red
B2 Blues In The Alley
B3 Louise
B4 Send Me Your Key
B5 Poor Poor Lover
B6 Easy Easy Baby
B7 My Hearts Cries Out For You
B8 I Don't Care

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