Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Guitar Jr. (Lonnie Brooks) - Broke An' Hungry

A1 Wee Wee Hours
A2 Things I Used To Do
A3 Go To The Mardi Gras
A4 Texas Flood
A5 Tom Cat Blues
A6 Rooster Blues
B1 The Train And The Horse
B2 Broke & Hungry
B3 When There's No Way Out
B4 Don't Touch Me Baby
B5 Bed Bug Blues


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Guitar Slim Jr. - The Story Of My Life

A1 Trouble Don't Last
A2 Letter To My Girlfriend
A3 Guitar Slim Jr.
A4 Bad Luck Blues
A5 Can I Change My Mind
B1 Too Weak To Fight
B2 Reap What You Sow
B3 Well, I Done Got Over
B4 Turn Back The Hands Of Time
B5 Sufferin' Mind

KansasJoe post:

Ruby Andrew - Kiss This

I Want To Rock With You Baby No. 2 3:40
Since I Met You 5:05
Que Pasa 4:18
To The Other Woman (I'm The Other Woman) 3:30
Kiss This 3:55
Lovey Dovey (Duet With Swamp Dogg) 3:15
Throw Some More Dirt On Me (The Shacking Song) 3:33
Loving You No. 44 3:15
I Got What I Want At Home 3:14
As In Always 3:43

Various - Last But Not Least - Blues Via 728 Texas

(Houston Town (Buddy Ace – Paula 343) / Stoop Down (Cash McCall – Ronn 76) / Tia Juana (Ray Agee – Jewel Unissued / Shirley 108?) / Everybody Don't Know About My Good Thing – Part 1 (Brende George - Ronn 60) / The Thril Ain’t Gone (Alex Williams & The Mustang – Jewel 812 / Soultrak 5145) / Tell Me The Truth (Jay Jay Taylor – Dynamite 8665) / Talk It Over One More Time (Roy Brown – Jewel / Chess Unissued) / Raining In My Heart (Peppermint Harris – Jewel 762 alternate take) / Bad Affair (Big Mac – Jewel 787) / Impeach Me Baby (Arlene Brown & Lee "Shot" Williams – Dynamite 8664) / I've Been Up On The Mountain (Joe Turner – Ronn 28) / Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man (Bobby Rush – Part 1 – Jewel 834 / On Top 2001) / In A Recording Session - Booty Trap Baby (The Carter Brothers - Take 1-6))

Frits's Tapes Number 93 & 94

Tape 93:

Tape 94:

Doug Sahm ?????

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beale Street Blues Band - Live

Yet another little known tape from the collection of KansasJoe.


Skinnymon post with tracks split :

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Frits's Tapes Number 71 &72

Tape 71:

Tape 72:

Some nice 45's from Jerry McCain from Frit's.

Hartmuts Singles 45


Jerry McCain - Living Legend

A1 Harpos Blues
A2 Rock Me Baby
A3 Tip On Inn
A4 Scratch My Back
A5 King Bee
B1 Boogie
B2 Raining On My Heart
B3 Hip Shake
B4 Te-Na-Nee-Na-Nu
B5 Mohair Sam